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Freelance writer with 10+ years of experience creating content for small businesses and marketing companies, including a client with a 33% open rate on their email newsletter and over 1,700 views per month on their website and blog as a direct result of quality content.




1/2012 – Present: Laura M. LaVoie: Writer                                  Nationwide/Remote

                 Freelance Writer

·        Blog writing for marketing companies and small businesses such as Haley Marketing, Boldt Global, Censia, Sigred Solutions, HomeActions, HireHive, Tiny House Magazine, and more.

·        Guest blogging for Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, International Childfree Day, Mind,Body,Green, and more.

·        WordPress skills, including metadata and SEO.

·        Ghost blogging for business owners to establish their voice as subject matter experts.

·        Speaking engagements about Tiny Houses for multiple events around the country on topics such as the philosophy of tiny living and affordable housing initiatives.


10/2021 – Present: DPEG Marketing Company                            Nationwide/Remote                    

                 Content Creator

·        Partnering with DPEG Marketing web designer to create visual and dynamic websites for the equine and farm industry.

·        Creating website copy for landing pages, bios, and more.

·        Ghostwriting blogs for business owners, including Best Credit RX and horseOlogy.


10/2014 – Present: The NotMom.com and NotMom Summit                Cleveland, OH


·        Established the first ever conference for women without children in the nation. 

·        Speaker outreach, coordination, and communication.

·        Organizing the schedule and events for the day.

·        Continued work on future Summit events.

·        Blogging and other writing projects.

·        Produce and Co-Host The NotMom Conversation live video podcast.



  • 120 Ideas for Tiny Living (2013)
  • How to Drink Craft Beer: A Beginner’s Guide (2014)
  • Your Job Search: Resumes, Interviews, and More (2015)
  • Life in 120 Square Feet: The Essays (2017)

All available on Amazon.com



Western Michigan University                                                           Kalamazoo, MI

·        BA in Anthropology and History 

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