Laura M. LaVoie is a freelance writer living in Decatur, Georgia with her partner, Matt. After 15 years as a recruiter in the temporary staffing industry, Laura quit her job in 2012 to move to the mountains of Western North Carolina and write full time. Things changed again in the summer of 2018 when Matt was accepted into the Emory University School of Law. This return to Atlanta, where they lived for 10 years, marks the next adventure for two people who have a hard time sitting still.

She has been a figure in the growing Tiny House movement since she and Matt built their own 120 square foot tiny home near Asheville, North Carolina. She blogged about that experience and now travels to events all over the country to share her story.

Laura is a co-founder of Asheville Small Home Advocacy Committee, an organization dedicated to making tiny homes more legally viable in the city of Asheville. She is also half of the administrative team for the NotMom Summit, the only conference for women without children, held in Cleveland, Ohio. The bulk of her work day to day is content creation for small businesses and marketing companies.

She’s the author of four books, currently available on Amazon, about tiny homes, finding a job, and enjoying beer. 

Laura also takes time to work on her own projects, currently a novel. She enjoys traveling all around the world with favorite destinations including Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Cardiff in Wales, Sienna Italy, and Savannah, Georgia. She is really into cocktails right now and is learning to make them as well as excelling at drinking them. Other interests are general geekery, a love of television storytelling, and costuming.  

Office Manager and Editor, Toast, has over one year experience supervising staff. She provides motivation, entertainment, and stress relief.

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