Happy Embrace Your Geekiness Day!

 Today is Embrace Your Geekiness Day! For me, that’s pretty literal. I have been interested in things like fantasy and science fiction for as long as I’ve been reading or watching TV. And while I will undoubtedly celebrate my geekiness today, there is one weekend of the year that I can let my geek flag fly.

Labor Day weekend of 2007, Matt and I lived in the Atlanta area for about four years. We heard about an event called Dragon Con but hadn’t been. That year, we decided to hop on MARTA and check out what Dragon Con was all about. After waiting in line to get our day passes, we began to explore the Con, which at the time was hosted by three hotels in downtown Atlanta. We fell in love. Over the next year, I chatted with my bestie, and she said she wanted to come down the following year. Now, except for the 2020 virtual con, we have been going to Dragon Con every year since 2007. That’s 14 years if you count this year. This year, we’ll be meeting up with our con friends on Labor Day weekend for what may be a more subdued Dragon Con, but I am still super excited.

But geekiness doesn’t have to be literal to be geeky. You can geek out over anything, including your business. So how can you embrace your geekiness today and all year long?


Make Comparisons

Pop culture is popular for a reason. It’s what the word means. People have a shared experience with movies, music, and television. And while there are always people who don’t get any given pop culture reference, most do. I love using popular culture as a tool to enhance my storytelling. So go ahead and make a comparison with your business. I recently did a post where I talked about my favorite show and the lessons I learned from it.


Talk About What You Love

Whatever you love, talk about it in your blogs. As a small business owner, it’s probably safe to say that you love what you do. So make sure that love comes across your brand, message, blog posts, and social media. Show people how you got into your industry, tell stories about successes and even failures, and showcase experiences where you’ve made a difference.


Share Your Enjoyment with Others

A hallmark of geekiness is the desire to share what you love with others. If you’ve ever been around a group of people who bond over shows like Star Trek or movies like Star Wars, they get excited when other people are excited about something. Whatever the topic, you can do that with your blog. Show people what you enjoy about your day-to-day business.


Tell Stories

Above all else, use your blog as a platform to tell your story. Geeks like stories; that’s one of the reasons we love what we love. Whether it’s moves or comic books, or even music, stories are what make our world go around. When you’re showing off what you love on your blog, use it as a way to share your story with the people who matter most: your potential audience.

Do you want to know more about blogging and storytelling for your business? Email me at lmlavoie@gmail.com to see how I can help. 


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