Business Blogging: The Right Foundation is Crucial for Success


Just after moving into my tiny house, I had trouble sleeping. Our 120 square foot home built on a foundation of concrete piers took us three years to build. I poured the concrete myself. I built the floor and the walls. I knew where every screw was placed and that the house was solid. And yet, as I climbed into the loft that was supported by concrete posts sunk several feet into the ground, I couldn’t sleep. I was terrified that the house would collapse under my weight. It didn’t help that I am afraid of heights, even irrationally.

It took a few nights for me to feel comfortable. I just had to tell myself that the foundation was solid and the house was not just well built; it was overbuilt. I knew from experience it was more solid than some traditionally built homes.

That’s how I knew my fear was irrational. Building a home with my own hands gave me control, and no matter what my brain was telling me, I knew I was safe.


Your Brand is Your Foundation

In your business, your brand is your foundation. That includes your reputation, the images you use to represent yourself, your website, and your story. If you start with a solid brand, you’re going to be just fine. Your brand will hold you up. What comes next is what you do with it. How does your brand support you? How can you share it with others?


Your Voice

From your brand, you can determine your voice. You can do this in many ways, but they should always be an authentic part of you. I’ve shared before how my bestie promotes her pet massage business by having her dogs as her ambassadors. It helps her get out of her shell and talk about her business without feeling like she’s in the spotlight.

To find your voice, try a few of these simple exercises to help get you to the next level of promoting your brand.


Your Story

I love the Simon Sinak quote, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” It’s great that you own a knitting shop and sell patterns, yarn, and needles. But why do you own that shop? Is it because you love to knit and grew up learning how from your grandmother? Does it bring back pleasant memories for you? Imagine that you’re a superhero and your power is your business. What’s your backstory?


Your Blog

If your brand is your foundation, then your blog is the building block of your business. It allows you to dynamically represent your brand on your website, in your messaging, and shared on social media. You can start as if you’re writing in a journal. Don’t even plan to publish anything; just write. What kinds of things do you want to say about your business? What words or feelings do you want to use?

If you don’t think of yourself as a writer, that’s okay. You still have a story to tell. I can help. Tell me your story, talk to me about your brand, and I can help you create a content plan to write your blog so you can spend your time and energy on what you do best.

Blogging is what I do best. Email me to find out more.


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