Fun Facts About Toast


Did you know that April is National Pet Month? Today happens to be Siamese Cat Day, and even though Toast is not one, she is seal point which is a color commonly associated with Siamese cats. What better time to celebrate my wee beastie, Toast? 

As you know, Toast is a Devon Rex, and she turns two on the 24th of this month. When we brought her home, we had no idea that only a few months later, we’d all be sheltering in place as the novel coronavirus created a global crisis. As it turns out, this goofy girl was precisely the companion we needed during this time.

So, to celebrate National Pet Month and Toast’s upcoming birthday, I want to share fun facts about the office manager.


Toast Has a Favorite Toy

Truthfully, Toast has many favorite toys and will express interest and then disinterest in each one, sometimes daily. But one toy to rule them all – Mousey. She has two mousies – the original brown mousey and a new fancy pink mousey.

They both started as stuffed mice with feather tails. Over time, she thoroughly consumed the feathers, and both are now completely flat. But when Toast wants to play, she’ll bring mousey to the nearest human, drop it, and let out a mournful cry.


Toast Doesn’t Sleep with Us (Most of the Time)

When we first brought Toast home, she slept on the bed between our pillows. But over time, as she became more comfortable in the house, she created her unique nighttime routine. When we go to bed, she makes her rounds to tuck us in. She’ll get up on the bed, check to make sure we’re both there, and then go about her very important cat business.

But she lets us sleep. She’s no longer doing the middle of the night kitten crazies. Instead, she sleeps in her crate or somewhere else where she can see us in the night.


Toast’s Ability to Tell Time is Amazing

Toast isn’t food motivated, but she knows exactly when it’s time to be fed. She wakes us up at 7am every morning. She wants us to feed her, but she also wants us to get up and spend time with her. She does the same at 7pm when she’s ready for dinner. She also knows that we go to bed around 10pm and begins to herd us in that direction.

It was most notable when we shifted to daylight saving time in March. She seemed to adjust to the new time almost immediately.


Toast Hates Coffee with a Passion

One of Toast’s funniest habits is her intense hatred for coffee. I don’t drink coffee, but Matt does. Whenever he has a cup on his desk, she had to bury it. She makes the motion to bury it, and sometimes she tries to cover it with papers on the desk.

She has no idea why her daddy has a cup of very stinky liquid on his desk. She is determined to solve that problem.


Toast is a Great Traveler in the Car

We were fortunate with our previous cat, Piglet, that she loved to travel. She was leashed trained and would sit in my lap in the car. We traveled the country with Piglet – she went as far as Texas and frequently went from the southeast to Michigan.

Well, Toast is also a good traveler, but she likes to be in her crate. This is good news because maybe, in the future, we could consider flying somewhere with her.

If you work with me, you also have an opportunity to work with my Office Manager, Toast. She closely supervises everything I do to ensure only the best quality work is submitted every time. Email me at to learn more.


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