Are You an Extrovert Business Owner? Here's Why You Need an Introvert Writer

 I am shy, socially awkward, and often riddled with anxiety. I do not consider these flaws but rather another way of looking at the world. This collection of personality traits has also made me a great writer. This is true for fiction, which hopefully people will see soon once I can land an agent, and with content creation online. 


I’m an observer and I love to disappear into a story. So whether I’m writing about tips for the best resume or my experience building a tiny house, I’m fully committed every time.

As an extroverted business owner, you’re likely really good at making connections and selling your goods or services, but extroverts need people like me, too. Here’s why.


We’re Focused and Reliable

I’m not saying that extroverts are unreliable and unfocused, but introverts thrive on these things. Being reliable is the core of my being. It’s important to me that when I commit, I keep that commitment. That’s true in my personal life as well as my career. I’m also really bad at multi-tasking. And while that was difficult in a corporate environment, it’s great when I work on my own. That means I stay focused on the task at hand and learn to prioritize so everything gets my full attention.


We Work Well on Our Own

I would go so far as to say introverts work better on their own. That doesn’t mean we don’t need or crave feedback or gratitude, but we like being able to put our heads down and work without interruption. Writing is generally a very solitary activity. When you work with an introverted writer like me, you know that you can give me a task and trust me to complete it on time.


We’re Great at Listening

Growing up as a shy kid, I got really good at listening. It’s because I didn’t do a lot of talking. Sometimes that was because I was too afraid to say something for fear of being judged. Other times it was because I was around people who were more likely to be the center of attention. But that meant that I absorbed everything. Now, I can use that skill to benefit your business.


We Look at the World in a Different Way

Having a different perspective is always a good thing. If you’re an extroverted business owner, your vision is informed by the way you see the world. But a lot of the people you’ll work with are introverts like me. It can be a great benefit to have someone who can use your voice to communicate to a wide variety of audiences and be able to see things from a new perspective.

If you think that working with me will help you create the right message for your blog, newsletter, or website, email me.


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