Time Management Tips to Stay on Track with Your Blogs

I know what you’re going to say: you don’t have time to create a blog and do everything else to run your business. I was there, too. While writing for my clients, the last thing I wanted to do was write for my website. I started to sound like and exasperated parent, “Do as I say, not as I do.”

But I knew I needed to post regularly on my blog. Even as I knew it, and as I told my clients they needed to do it, I continued to procrastinate. Just a couple of months ago, I dug deep into my bag of time management tricks and put in the effort.

These tips and tricks can help you carve out a little extra time to create blogs for your websites. Let’s take a closer look.


Add It to Your Calendar

The biggest mistake I made when creating my content was not treating my work like I would my client’s needs. I put off my writing and told myself I would get to it when I had time. But, of course, I never made the time. Adding it to my planner helps me stay on track and committed to creating my content. Plus, I can spread out the work so it doesn’t feel overwhelming when I’m also handling client blogs.


Make a Monthly Content Planner

I also found that if I tried to wing it each week, I simply wouldn’t know what to write about. When my bestie and I challenged ourselves to do more with social media, we printed out and created monthly content calendars. That was game-changing. I knew I wanted to post a blog once a week, so I not only added it to the calendar, I also planned out topics at least one month in advance.


Start with an Outline

This is a trick I use with my client work as well. If I start with an outline or a framework, it’s easier to fill in the gaps. I begin by writing an intro paragraph. Then I decide what each of the subheadings should be. I may have to do some research for this part, but I can add any links I find to the bottom of my page so they’re easier to click on when I’m writing the content itself. Then, when I come back to it, I just need to fill in the paragraphs.


Pick a Regular Day for Posting

Blogging is about consistency. That’s as true for me as it is for your business. I decided, rather arbitrarily, that my blogs would be posted on Tuesday mornings. It was pretty random, but I wanted to target a time when people might be more apt to read the post. Mondays are busy as people return to the office after the weekend. By Friday, people have checked out and are less likely to read blog posts. Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday are good times to target.


Outsource Your Blogging

The truth is, I love to write. Even if I have to force myself to do it for my blog, I still love it once I'm in the thick of it. So as long as I take it in small chunks, I can achieve my goals. But it’s okay if you’re not a writer or you don’t love to write. There are people out there, people like me, who can do exactly this but for you. I take the time to learn who you are, your voice, and we work together to create a content plan so you can stay hands-off and work on the focus of your business, whatever that is.

Do you want to know more about creating a blogging program for your business? Email me today.


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