Happy Holidays from Laura M. LaVoie


Just a short post to wish everyone a very happy Holiday season. Whatever you celebrate, wherever you are, my greatest wish is that you feel loved, appreciated, and cozy.

In my house, we celebrate pretty much everything we can. We try to enjoy the spirit of the season every day in December.

Christmas this year included: 

  • Putting up our tree
  • Watching cheesy Christmas movies on Netflix
  • Baking
  • Zoom calls with family and friends
  • Opening few special gifts
  • Cooking huge feasts just for ourselves

 I got my shopping done early this year to avoid any craziness from shipping and potential shutdowns.

Celebrating the Longest Night of the Year

The solstice is one of my favorite days. As the winter nights grew darker and longer since the Autumn Equinox, we know the light’s return is promised on the solstice. It may be the longest night of the year, but the next day the sun will rise just a little earlier and set just a little later and soon, spring will come again.

We honor this Solstice as things change again in our lives, but we’ll see what form it takes next year.

I hope that your holiday, whatever it is that you celebrate, is magical.


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