21 Reasons You Need a Blog in 2021


We are closing in on the New Year. With all the struggles we’ve had in 2020, I know we're glad to see it come to an end. But flipping the calendar isn’t a magic spell and we all still have a lot of work to do. As the proverb goes, “Before enlightenment; chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment; chop wood, carry water.”

If you’ve thought about starting a blog for your website but haven’t pulled the trigger yet, it might be helpful to consider the many reasons and benefits for starting a blog in the new year. It’s not too late to make a plan.

  1. Website visitors expect a blog
  2. Blogs increase traffic
  3. Write to showcase your leadership and knowledge
  4. A blog establishes trust
  5. Blogs generate sales leads
  6. Blogs improve engagement
  7. Blogs contribute to SEO
  8. Blogs create inbound links
  9. A blog can establish your voice
  10. Blogs are fun
  11. A blog can update your audience
  12. Blogs help you receive useful feedback
  13. A blog can boost your social media
  14. A blog can build your email list
  15. A blog allows you to teach others
  16. Blogs tell your story
  17. Blogs show appreciation
  18. Blogs can get you exposure
  19. A blog can help you stay ahead of the competition
  20. Blogs provide consistency
  21. Blogs are a good investment in time and money

I could elaborate on any one of these 21 items. But let’s just take a close look at a couple of them.


Blogs Showcase Leadership and Knowledge

Above anything else, you want to be a subject matter expert. Why should someone work with you and not your competition? Simple. Demonstrate that you have the expertise and knowledge they can rely on. I use this quote by Simon Sinek often, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Show, don’t tell, that you know what you’re talking about in an engaging way that draws readers in and keeps them reading.


Blogs are Fun

Okay, so blogs are fun for some people. Blogs are fun for me. And ultimately, blogs are fun for your readers. Many people started entire businesses based solely on their blog. That might not be your goal, but a blog can get the conversation started which can bring in readers who turn into customers. Blogs are a way to tell stories to elicit emotions.


Blogs Boost Social Media

You also know that you need a solid social media strategy. And you may struggle for some ideas to kick start your posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram. Well, a blog can help with that. Long-form content gives you plenty of options for pulling short quotes and soundbites. If you have a social media team, a good blogging content plan can make their job even easier.


Blogs are a Good Investment

It’s completely okay if you don’t love to write. But having a blog is still a good investment even if you pay a writer to do it for you. That way, you can be hands-off and let someone who specializes in storytelling do their work. In the end, you’ll have content that can be shared online through your website and social media which will increase views, draw in readers, and convert customers.

Are you ready to invest in a blog for your website? Email me today to learn more.


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