Meet Office Manager Toast


I’ve been working for myself and from home since 2012. When the pandemic hit, there wasn’t a lot of change to my routine. Even having my partner, Matt, at home wasn’t a big adjustment – we worked from home together for years before he started back to school. Until summer of 2018, we were joined by our Sphynx cat, Piglet who would spend time with us on our desks while we worked. I often referred to her as the office manager. Piglet passed away that year at the age of 17.

In 2019, we welcomed a new kitten into our lives. Her name is Toast and she’s a Devon Rex. Her personality couldn’t be more different from her predecessor, which makes her exactly the right cat for us at this time. More than anything, I am grateful that she’s in our lives right now during the crazy year that we call 2020. I thought you all might like to meet her, too. Let’s get to know our new office manager.


What is a Devon Rex?

A Devon Rex is a specific breed of cat that originated in England in the late 1950s. They are known for their short coat of curly fur. They can come in any color and Toast is a seal point so it makes her look like a Siamese cat, but she’s not. Devon rexes are playful and mischievous cats but they’re also great cuddle buddies.


Braver Than She is Smart

I once heard someone describe Devons as “really smart but also kind of dumb.” This couldn’t be more true for Toast. You can see the wheels turning but she will still take that chance and do something dumb even though she probably knows it won't work out for her. She doesn’t learn from her mistakes, either. I won’t say she’s not intelligent, but her bravery is turned up to 11.


Pertinent Qualifications

Toast takes her role as the office manager very seriously. Filling the shoes of her predecessor is important business, but Toast is comporting herself wonderfully. She wakes us up every day at precisely 7am with a headbonk technique that includes ramming her head into my face with all her might like a goat.

After we’re up and she’s fed, she likes to make sure we get our blood pumping with a vigorous play session. After we’re tired out, she’ll find a spot in an office supply basket or on a backpack to supervise our daily activities.


Long Term Growth Potential

In the future, Toast hopes to hire another employee to help her with office management. She’s supportive of our plan to rescue a sphynx kitty after we move back to Asheville. It may take a while to find just the right candidate, but we’re all optimistic.

Do you have a pet who works from home with you? Show me in the comments or on social media.


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