Blogging 101 for Staffing Agencies


When I left the staffing industry, blogs were just starting to find their place on staffing agency websites. I began a blog for my company, but I was learning as I went and didn’t always hit the mark. Over the last 8 years, I’ve spent time diving deep into the world of staffing blogs and have seen trends come and go.

If you want to know why you need a blog on your agency website, the answer is simple. Google tracks views of your site as a part of your ranking. This means the more people return to your site, the better position you’ll have on the search engine. One of the easiest ways to do that is to create quality content that encourages readers to return. Beyond that, there are some more targeted reasons to start a blog. Let’s take a closer look.

Find More Clients and Attract More Candidates

Do you find new clients through cold-call visits? This tried and true strategy certainly works, but times are changing. You may not be able to walk into companies unannounced anymore, possibly forever. The same is true for your applicant pool and accepting walk-ins to apply.

The workplace is evolving, and you need to adapt. A blog can attract new clients and candidates and encourage them to contact you to find out the next steps.


Show Your Subject Matter Expertise

How do you show people what you do? Be a resource. A blog can be split between candidate and client-targeted posts. When you can provide an answer that someone’s searching for, they are much more likely to call you to answer bigger questions.

Show them you know what you’re talking about by writing blog posts on typical HR or management concerns. Or resume writing and interview advice. You’ve done this for a long time, so don’t keep your knowledge to yourself.


Provide Easy To Understand Answers

Throughout the process, make sure you’re writing to your audience. The reason a potential client or candidate is searching the web is that they want to better understand the topic. If the information is too dense, they won’t stick around.

If they get to your page, you need to engage them with easy to read and understand content. This is why I suggest using storytelling to get your point across. You can also break concepts down into easy to understand soundbites.


Showcase Your Specialization

Do you specialize? Some companies work with just legal offices, others staff in the medical industry. When you do that, you know you have a very specific target audience for both clients and candidates.

Not only can you show how you’re a subject matter expert, but you can use your blog and social media to showcase your specialization which will create a good basis for SEO to attract the right people to your site.


Personalize Your Content

Finally, you want to humanize your content. Sure, there are times when an informative blog post is a better fit for your subject. You want to be educational, but that doesn’t have to mean you have to be stuffy.

Showcase your personality on the blog. If you work with a writer to create it, they can talk with you to get a feeling for your voice and tone and be able to create content that sounds like it came from you and not from a content mill.

Are you thinking about adding a blog to your staffing website? Contact me today to learn more.


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