10 Ideas for Your Real Estate Blog


Real Estate is, at its core, relationship building. As an agent, you want to connect with home buyers and sellers and maintain those relationships.



After we moved to Atlanta the first time, we rented an apartment for the first year to make sure we wanted to stick around. When we decided to stay, the first thing we did was check around for real estate agents. We talked with a few and eventually settled in with Lonnie. Lonnie was a former builder and architect who worked in our area of the Atlanta suburbs. He was extremely knowledgeable about home building as well as the neighborhoods, so we were super excited to work with him.

We were picky. Really, really picky. Sometimes I wonder why he didn’t fire us as clients. We saw so many houses with him that we had to be grating on his nerves. But more times than not, he was the one who talked us out of a house because he could see issues that an inspector might also see.

At one point, we were tired of looking, so we made an offer on a house that we weren’t 100% thrilled about. Lonnie notices we weren’t happy and found a way out of the offer. It was a good thing, too, because a better house was just around the corner.



We lived in that house for about 6 years. During that time, we began building our tiny house in Asheville and decided we wanted to ditch our mortgage and rent again until we moved to North Carolina. Our first call was back to Lonnie. That was in 2010 while the recession was still raging and so many people were short-selling their homes. We thought we were being realistic with our price estimate but Lonnie suggested we could get more than we thought. We took his advice because he never steered us wrong before, and it worked.


Topics for Your Blog

That’s a lot of preamble to let you know why you need a blog for your site. One of the reasons we worked with Lonnie not once but twice was because we connected with him. That’s something a blog can help facilitate. If you’re looking to start a real estate blog to attract buyers and sellers, here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Posts showcasing the area.
  2. Current housing trends.
  3. First time home buyer information.
  4.  Renting vs. buying.
  5. Highlight local businesses.
  6. The basics of how to sell a home.
  7. Jobs in the area.
  8. Exploration of investment properties.
  9. What to expect on closing day.
  10. Details on the schools
Don’t have time to write your blog? That’s okay. Work with a professional who loves to create stories, write content, and help you share your personality with readers. Email me today to learn more.


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