CoWorking for the Freelance Writer

This summer, as part of our Big Adventure, Matt and I went back to Asheville. For his new Law School experience, he took an internship with a public interest firm in Asheville.

Since we’re renting out our home, we are living in our tiny house on the mountain. After over 7 years, the technology in place when we built the home has changed a great deal and our once speedy internet connection is a little slow. We’re not in a position to make any changes as our stay for the summer is only temporary, so we did some thinking and came up with a new solution.

I’m Working at a Coworking Space in Downtown Asheville

There are several in town and we visited three before making a decision. I selected Focal Point Coworking on Hilliard not far from the very active South Slope brewery district.

I admit, I was skeptical at first. I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend the money on the space, but I realized we would quickly make up that money in the cost of data overages.

I also started to worry that I would feel too isolated on the mountain. If we still had two cars, that wouldn’t be a problem. But with only one vehicle, I wouldn’t be able to leave if I needed anything or just got stir crazy.

The coworking space solves all of these concerns. WiFi access and downtown location helps me stay focused throughout the day.

The Benefits of a Coworking Space

I admit that I came into the situation with some preconceived notions about working in an office again. I did that, I didn’t like it, I wasn’t going to do it again. But there are a lot of benefits for working in a coworking space.

·         I like the energy of an office without the pressure of management expectations.
·         I’ve met several other local business owners who share the space.
·         I’m not tempted to watch television in the afternoon.

I arrive to the space about 8:30 or 9am and I get my workstation set up. Then, much like I did at home, I focused on my client work until lunchtime. After lunch, I finish up any client projects. But rather than leaving work behind all together, I’ve used the afternoons to work on my novel. My novel doesn’t have a hard deadline, unlike my client work, but I have personal goals that I’d like to meet.

Once the summer is over, I will go back to working on my own in our Atlanta apartment. When we move back to Asheville, however, I may consider another membership.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a coworking space to help you with your productivity as a small business owner or freelancer, I’m happy to report that it’s been a great investment for me. 


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