2019: Joy

Every year I take a look at the goals from the previous year and give myself a new focus.

Looking at last year's post, I can be pretty positive about what I accomplished. I did finish the first draft of that novel, and now I am on to the beta reading stage with more edits this first quarter before trying to shop it around.

I did go on that southeastern trip, which was fantastic.

And we did make a big move in July.

But there were a lot of lows in 2019, too. We lost our 17 year old feline companion just after we moved to Atlanta, which made our transition difficult.

So for 2019, I've selected a word to focus on.

So, among other things, I will try to find the silver lining in all aspects of my life, even in difficult times. I will seek out things and people that make me happy. And I will simply enjoy being.

What do you want to accomplish in 2019?


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