Creative Content: What Should You Focus on for Your Website?

There is a lot of information about what businesses should or should not include on their websites. Having a blog is encouraged, but how do you optimize it? Keywords and tags are important, but not if they're part of an incoherent word salad.

As a writer, my goal is to create content for your business that is readable, educational, entertaining, and fits your overall personality and style. 

My earliest lesson with this was for one of my first clients after I started writing full time. I was asked to write a variety of small "vignette" type pages for a wrought iron company. I had to write a lot of them, using specific keywords. I knew if I just wrote the same basic stuff over and over again, it wouldn't attract readers back to their site. And it probably wouldn't convert them to customers.

So, I got creative. But not too creative. I got just creative enough. Here are some examples where the requirement was to work in certain keywords.
Balusters in Buckingham Palace
One of the most famous examples of intricately designed balusters is the grand staircase in London’s Buckingham Palace. It was designed for the royal family by architect John Nash between 1825 and 1830 as part of a massive renovation of the palace. The grand staircase is cast in bronze and features an exquisite design of oak, laurel and acanthus leaves. Few staircases can match the majesty of the one that stands in Buckingham Palace. 

Here the keyword was "balusters," so I researched the item and found interesting history I could use for the post.

Ornamental Iron in the Deep South
Some of the most famous ornamental iron in architectural design is found in the southern United States, including the famous iron balconies that line the streets of New Orleans. These balconies have become a symbol of the French Quarter which today is a blend of entertainment venues, restaurants and bars, and private homes. No one can think of the streets in New Orleans without these iconic iron porches coming to mind.
With this passage, I needed to work in the phrase "ornamental iron," so I used that as a reason to research the famous French Quarter balconies in New Orleans.

Famous stair railings: Gone with the Wind
The homes in the Civil War epic Gone with the Wind are truly additional characters within the story.  And nothing is more iconic than the beautiful southern staircases and their well-crafted stair railings. The movie sets do not stop with the stair based visuals as the opulence continues to Twelve Oaks and the mansion Rhett builds for Scarlett in Atlanta.  After the war, the amazing stair case in Twelve Oaks is nothing but a crumbling ruin; a monument to the war and destruction that ravaged the south.  Aunt Pittypat’s house also features an elaborately carved staircase and Scarlett’s refuge there seems more familiar.
As you can see, the trend continues. "Stair railings" aren't necessarily exciting, but movie history can be.

Intricate stair parts in the world’s most famous spiral stair cases
Spiral staircases feature incredibly designed stair parts that take the climber on a twisting trip through some of the world’s most famous buildings. Some famous spiral staircases include the one in the Vatican museum nestled within the city Rome. In Greenwich, England you will see the famous Tulip Stairs in the queen’s house which are designed to be cantilevered from the wall, thus featuring no brace supports.  These stairs are also famously haunted.
As a final example, here was a passage about "stair parts," which was one of the most difficult keywords to place within a narrative.

Do you want clever, entertaining, and educational content for your blog or website? Are you interested in taking the right words and working them into a story to share with your readers and customers? 

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