Other Websites I Recommend 3: Tiny House Edition

Wow, it is been since July that I've made any blog recommendations. I was doing some writing for the two tiny house blogs I work for: Tiny House Talk and Tiny House Listings and thought about making some blog recommendations here. Since I think it would be a little wrong to include those, because I provide content, I thought about some other tiny house blogs that I would love to share with everyone.

Laura LaVoie and Ryan Mitchell
  • I have known Ryan Mitchell for what seems like a lifetime, except we only met in person recently for the first time. Ryan writes The Tiny Life and lives in North Carolina. He was the first blogger to showcase our tiny house back before I had ever started my own tiny house blog. And the Tiny Life continues to be one of the best.
  • And I have known Andrew Odom of Tiny r(E)volution for almost as long and while I've talked to him on his Podcast before, we've never met. He is also in North Carolina and his website is truly a marvel of the modern tiny house community. Since all of us are in the same state now we really should get together occasionally.
  • Laura Moreland is the mind behind Tiny House Ontario. She also writes for Tiny House Listings. There are an eerie number of things we have in common yet we have never met. Not only is her name also Laura and she built a tiny house but she lives in the town where my grandmother was born in Ontario. It is a small town and not a lot of people are from there. She also shares a similar view toward spirituality.
  • And finally there is Macy Miller who is building her tiny house in Boise, Idaho, and blogging about it at Mini Motives. Macy is an architect and designed her tiny space herself. It is a lot of fun to watch it come together. She and Ryan also host a monthly Tiny House Chat which is a lot of fun to listen to or participate in.
Enjoy these tiny house movers and shakers and I promise that it won't be another six months before I post more links!


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