Write What You Know: Temporary Staffing

I spent 15 years as a recruiter in the Temporary Staffing industry. There were times when this work was incredibly rewarding. Matching an individual to a great job only to find out that they are still there 5 or more years later was gratifying. It was also a highly stressful job with a lot of turn over. In all the places I worked I saw a lot of recruiters come and go. 

I enjoyed my job most of the time and I was good at it but after 15 years I was burned out. I saw my dreams begin to fade away. Whatever happened to wanting to be a writer? I had some things published in the past but often found myself making excuses for trying new things. I was comfortable and that was dangerous. 

I have some office help of my own.
Making a major transition is terrifying at best. I left my job not knowing what would happen to me. I had no idea if I could afford my bills, even though we had reduced expenses a great deal by moving into our tiny house off the grid. 

Things have a way of working out, though. Now I make a good portion of my living blogging for the temporary staffing industry. One of my clients does marketing and web design for staffing companies all over the US and I am one of their bloggers. I write for 10 different companies. I get sent the ideas for posts and it is up to me to conduct the research and submit a great article for each client each week. 

I love this job. I am able to take 15 years of experience and apply it to my writing skills to create great content for these companies. I feel like I am contributing to the industry in a way I was unable to as a mere recruiter. Writers are often given the advice of “write what you know.” I know the temporary staffing industry. It might not be the most glamorous topic, but I know it backwards and forwards. To be able to use that knowledge and my writing ability is rewarding. This makes me intensely happy. Every week I am excited to review the topic, do the research, and organize the thoughts into a concise blog post for both clients and candidates in the industry. 

As a bonus, I also get to write about beer and tiny houses which are other topics I know quite a bit about.

I am always on the lookout for more writing gigs. I have a lot to offer and I love to do what I do. I am extremely reliable, consistent, and I am able to produce quality work. That is why companies should hire me – whether it is writing for temporary staffing, tiny houses, or anything else under the sun.


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