What's With All The Mommy Blogs?

I am a professional freelance writer. This is what I do for a living. I do as much marketing as I do writing in a day. I scour websites with job postings, reach out to individual companies, and look for writing work I can sink my teeth into. 

Every day I see at least one request for Mommy Bloggers. 

Obviously, there is not a problem with the existence of mommy blogs. Some of my favorite bloggers started out as Mommy Bloggers. But apparently the market isn’t saturated yet. 

Does that mean there is another market? A market for people like me? Non-Mommy blogs? What about a series of blog posts from a nearly-40 year old woman who made a conscious choice not to have kids? I don’t want to say the Anti-Mommy Blog, because I am not against mommies, but maybe the alternative to mommy blogs. 

I have stuff to say too. There are non-mommy experiences that can be shared. I don’t want to come off like I’m entitled to anything. I don’t demand that people be interested in the experiences of someone without kids – but is there a place for it? 

If you’re looking for a non-Mommy blog to read (or a blogger to write it) what do you want to see? What kinds of stories pop for you? What advice can a non-mommy share?


  1. You probably get a lot of the same comments that I get. You will know, when you're ready. They will change your life. You don't know what you're missing." Well, I have two nephews now. I know that I won't change my mind. I know that ready has came and went, and I know what I am missing is sleepless nights, weird, alien looking breast pump equipment, and less time to spend with my dogs,on sports, and doing what I want. Not to mention diapers. GROSS! Hearing from all the women making their own baby food, and breast feeding until four years scares me a little. It's like all the fighting that our Moms' generation did to push us closer to better jobs, equal pay, and freedom of choice, when it comes to reproduction, has all been reduced to Mommyhood. We can't just enjoy life, as women, without dedicating our lives to another person. You should start a non - Mommy blog. If you need a guest writer, I'm willing!

  2. I agree. I too am childless, and I never wanted them. I don't hate them, I just don't want them. Everyone has told me that I would change my mind, and that I don't know what I am missing. Well, I didn't change my mind, and I know what I'm not missing, tons of time, and money to use on what I want. I have two nephews now. I have seen the alien looking breast pump equipment, and the gross diapers. NO WAY!! I am also a little worried that with so many moms going back to the breast, and making baby food from scratch, maybe this will hurt us all in the long run. Our Moms' generation worked so hard to earn us a shot at great jobs, equal pay, and reproductive choices. I greatly fear that we will suffer some loss in this area with all the return to mommyhood stuff

  3. Sorry, that was my double post. I thought the first didn't go through, but anywhoo, my thoughts! :)

  4. I am a Mom, but my children are older now, although I loved motherhood, I don't think I would have children if I was younger at this present time. I actually think we have to put more thought into this decision, since the world is over populated. There should be more discussions on this topic to raise awareness, and to support those that do not want children "so they will not feel pressured" by society. If this was a mainstream topic when I was in my 20's I probably would have given it more thought. Good Luck follow your dreams you have the time in your small space!
    On another note I was thinking about living in a small space in my house and renting out the other part. For two reasons: in this economic climate I would lose my shirt if I sold my house, and I live in a location that allows me to bike to many places, thus reducing mileage on the car:) Maybe people should think about sharing those huge McMasions to reduce fuel then we wouldn't have so many energy concerns, and everyone would be in smaller spaces....
    Trying hard to be Green

  5. Please, oh, please do a mommy alternative blog! :) My husband and I made a conscious, heart-felt decision NOT to be parents, and as you know, it's not easy going against the flow. More support would be great! I would like a blog for childfree women that focuses on all the wonderful things we can pursue more easily because we DON'T have kids: travel, creative/artistic projects, career goals, personal development, etc. Of course, it's also nice to vent with other childfree folks when someone attacks or challenges our choice, but I don't want a blog that is just a bitch fest. There are wonderful things associated with being childfree... like having a life... and talking to your friends/husband/partner about something other than poop! :) Let's celebrate that! I feel sorry for parents, actually. I wouldn't want their job!


  6. First, congratulations for winning Childfree Woman of the Year!!

    Second, I'm sure you may have made decisions about your "non-Mommy blog" long ago, but I want to encourage you to keep looking for topics, and find out if you ever decided on something specifically Childfree to blog on. I'd love to read it.

    1. Thank you so much. I am very grateful that since this time I found TheNotMom.com. Not only do I write for the site but I am also co-administrating the first ever NotMom Summit which will be in Cleveland OH on October 9th and 10th this year!


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