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I've just begun blogging for a new website called - Tech Devices and Tech Advice. You can check out some of my new posts there now.

I have one on MMOs vs. RPGs:

So, in my most unscientific analysis of whether or not an MMO or an RPG is better, the answer can be summed up in just two words. It depends. It boils down to a preference for stories that end or stories that are open. In either case, gamers are serious about whatever they are playing.
And an anticipation of the MMO Track at Dragon*Con.

Now that another Comic-Con is in the history books, geeks all over the country are beginning to look toward the south and the Labor Day adventure in Atlanta Georgia known as Dragon*Con.

Dragon*Con is notably different from Comic-Con which is an industry run event. Dragon*Con, on the other claw, is a fan run event mostly driven by volunteers. Atlanta has seen upwards of 40,000 geeks in the 5 hotels downtown where the convention is held.


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