Other Websites I Recommend 2

I thought I might offer up a few more websites that I read to stimulate my own creativity. Today I have a couple of humor blogs, an adventure blog, and some amazing photographs to share. I hope you enjoy them.

  • If you are not reading The Bloggess I have no idea where you've been. Jenny Lawson's blog is witty and sharp and not for young children or people sensitive to foul language. I find her to be one of the funniest people on the Internet and I think you should go read everything right now. While you're at it read her book Let's Pretend This Never Happened as well. I'll wait.
  • Also ridiculously humorous is Josh Fruhlinger's The Comics Curmudgeon. This has been a can't miss website for me for years. I usually read about once a week so I can sit back and enjoy it. Fruhlinger is currently working on a Kickstarter Campaign to fund a novel that is sure to be hilarious.
  • A guy I kind of know named Drew Jacob is currently riding a bike from Minnesota to Brazil. He just started the adventure so if you start reading now you can keep up. He is riding a bike for now but other times he may be walking or kayaking - just as long as he makes it from Minnesota to Brazil under his own power. You can read his adventures at his blog here. I keep up with Drew's adventure because he inspires me to be a better me. 
  • My neighbor just started a blog for her photography. She is also a painter and a writer and just an all around fun person. Many of her photos are of the mountain hollow that both of us live in and I just love looking through them. My favorite so far is this photo of the barn on the road to our land.


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