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I have several clients for whom I write HR and Staffing related content. Occasionally something goes unpublished for one reason or another. I thought I would share one of those posts. 

6 Skills to look for when recruiting new employees

Several years ago, before the recession began, companies would look for talent who possessed the right skills to fit into their organization. The specific job duties were not as important as the potential to be trained to be an exceptional team member. Once we started to emerge from the recession the trend started to head the other direction as companies were seeking candidates who possessed the exact combination of skills a laid out in the job description. Occasionally this would lead to fruitless searches that left recruiters and job seekers frustrated. There are several skills that will make an employee stand out from the crowd. Here are 6 things you can recruit for to encourage success

  • Flexibility. The right candidate will be able to roll with the punches. When things change in the organization, you need someone who won’t be so regimented that they will begin to panic or be unable to cope with the changes.
  • Frugality. In a economy where all businesses are trying to do more with less, the right candidate will need to possess the skills to do just that. If a candidate shows the skills of reducing costs or resources and is still successful they may be just the right candidate for you.
  • Adaptability.  The right candidate in an ever changing environment will not only be able to accept changes but will have the ability to enact change. You want to look for someone who is willing to make suggestions that will improve performance and outcome.
  • Uncomplicated. You will also want to look for a candidate who can keep things simple. The end user of your product does not want an over engineered solution. They are looking for something that works but is also easy to use. The right employee will be able to see this as an end goal.
  • Compassion. A quality candidate will be able to see all sides of a problem and the views of all the individual involved and be able to create solutions to work for everyone. This includes not only internal issues but also the product or service itself. The truly understand what a client needs is to be able to see yourself in their plac
  • Desire. If a candidate is not 100% invested in your products or services they will not be a superstar. The right person for the job has to have a genuine interest and ability to perform what is required. You will instantly see the difference between an overly skilled worker and someone who is passionate about your business.


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