Other Websites I Recommend

Truth be told, there are way too many incredible websites for me to possibly suggest all of them. However, there are a few individuals I think should be on your radar screen. I highly encourage you to have a look at these blogs.
  • Check out the musings of fiction writer Jill Valuet. Jill is one of my closest friends and one of the people who has encouraged me the most on my journey to becoming a full time writer. A couple of years ago we challenged each other to write every day. We would send each other our projects once a month. Because of building that discipline I became a better writer and was able to quit my job to pursue this full time. Jill has been published in several short story anthologies and is working on a couple of novels.
  • Another person who has been encouraging is Ann Marquette. I met her while  I worked for my last employer and was able to help her find several temporary positions over the years. We would often speak about our writing and she always has a positive outlook and encouraging words.
  • Another great site is my cousin Charlie Zink's blog about Detroit. Even though I moved away from the area nearly 10 years ago, I really like to read what Charlie has to say about the city. His photographs and posts are always a great read. He posts every Wednesday so I make sure to read once a week.
  • And lastly, though I only know her through the Tiny House movement, I never pass up a chance to read Tammy Strobel's blog Rowdy Kittens. Her ideas for downsizing her life have been very inspirational to me as I have been going through the same process. Her first book is coming out in September and I can't wait to get my hands on it.
Occasionally I'll post some more links to pages and authors I think are worth knowing. Start with these and enjoy!


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