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Storytelling: When Voice and Purpose Meet

When I was a small girl, I loved horses. A lot of small girls love horses, that’s true. I didn't take riding lessons or go to farms very often. My love for horses involved collecting. Breyer Model Horses have been on the market for decades. They are very detailed and beautifully carved and painted horse models, typically made from a molded plastic resin. I had dozens of them. When I was really little, I played with them and many were scratched and broken. As I became a teenager, I wasn't ready to part with them. I purged the older broken models. I kept the beautiful ones displayed on shelves in my bedroom.

I moved and the horses came with me, packed away in brown boxes and forgotten in a cold, dark basement. One day, finally, I realized that I needed for them to go. It was time to purge that part of my life. I wasn't the little girl who loved horses any more. I'd grown up, moved on, and I would never have them on display again. I recognized that I was an adult and neede…

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