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Don't Waste My Time: The Art of Respect in Business

The call was scheduled for 1pm. At 1:15 I sent an email wondering what happened. I received an out of office reply back. Apparently, the call wasn't going to happen as scheduled.

This wasn't the first time I found myself waiting on a meeting.

I am the type of person who thinks being five minutes early is actually arriving late. I get increasingly anxious as the clock ticks closer to the meeting time. If I am, through a series of unanticipated circumstances, going to arrive late - or even exactly on time - I call or text and let the other party know where I am and why. I do this for professional meetings. I do this when I am casually meeting friends at the bar. I do this because time is incredibly important to me. And it is more than just a number on a clock. It is a representation of whether or not I respect you and consider your time as valuable as mine.

So - how can you change this in your life? It depends on which side of the clock you're on.

If you're always late: