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Writing for Exposure: How To Just Say No

Recently I received an email from a gentleman who owns a website presumably about "man caves." He wanted to know if I was interested in contributing to his site. He referred to my involvement in the tiny house community as his reason for reaching out.

At first I told him that I didn't have any experience with man caves and that I might not be the best resource.

But he asked again. He said that he was envisioning a piece that shared what I had learned about living in a small space that someone could use when designing their back yard retreat. So I said certainly, and I gave him a quote.

His response?

"I'm sorry, I should have been more clear. I'm not able to pay but this blog post should get you lots of exposure."


Yes, that is a word that professional writers hear a lot. Many companies look for writers to contribute content to their own blogs or websites for 100% free and only the promise of "exposure."

These sites tend to prey upon in…

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