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Making Time for Your Own Projects

Most of my income comes from my blogging clients. These are marketing companies or small business owners for whom I create, primarily, web content.

I love working for these companies and am always excited when I can add new clients to my business.

However, on some level, I became a writer to be able to pursue my own projects. It is a creative spark I have had since I was a small child and as much as I love to write content for my business clients I also need to make time to focus on my own projects.

For a while, much of my time was spent focusing on current business and adding new clients. I would only write for my own blogs when I felt like I had the time. This led to the near-abandonment of one pet project and burn out on the other.

I needed to change my perspective or I would lose the drive to create my own work all together.

Like many writers, I keep a calendar of deadlines in order to stay organized. Each week I also write down my weekly schedule which includes every due date an…