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Becoming a Freelance Writer: How I Got Started

Recently, a friend asked me to give her some advice about freelance work. I thought it might be useful for others interested in working for themselves. I am no expert but I am holding my own as a self-employed writer. If you're interested in freelance writing here are some things you can try.

1. Write what you know. Just before I left my full time job, I started to reach out to organizations and companies that I believed could use someone with my experience. For me this meant Temporary Staffing. With 15 years under my belt I figured that it couldn't hurt to try. I sent my resume to several companies. Almost immediately, one responded and gave me some trial assignments. To this day they are my biggest client. Consider the field that you are leaving and conduct some research on marketing companies or web design companies that specialize in that industry.

2. Apply, apply, apply. There are dozens of online sources for finding freelance writing jobs. I'm not going to give them al…