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Music in Western North Carolina

At the end of 2012, local editor Steve Shanafelt reached out to me to see if I would be interested in a project. WNC Woman Magazine was putting together an issue about the music of the region.

For various reasons, the special music issue wasn't able to happen but this weekend both of the articles that I wrote and/or contributed to were posted at the website. I am very proud of these pieces and really happy that they are finally available.

From WNC as a Haven for Music and Dance:

If you’re not from a region that is so embracing of music and dance (and artistic and creative expression in general), it can cause a bit of culture shock. And if you truly love those things, it’s a very hard place to leave. Sure, the wages can be low and the cost of living high, but that’s a small price to pay to be around such cultural vitality.
You can read the entire article here

From The WNC Music Glossary:

You would be much more “into” the Asheville music scene if you just understood the language a little better. Well, that’s what we’re here for. The team at WNC Woman sent out a team (not really) to find out what all these crazy terms mean. (Really, it was just me sitting at my computer typing them up as they came to me.) The reality is, and I’m really not being sarcastic here at all, that the only scene that can rival the beer scene in Asheville, and throughout WNC, is the music scene. Even our buskers are good. And if you don’t know what “busker” means, keep reading and you’ll find out.
Check out the entire glossary here. And be sure to laugh. If you don't laugh, I might cry.


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