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Other Websites I Recommend 4: Projects I'm Involved With Edition

Since I work for myself I have some freedom and flexibility when it comes to choosing my clients and projects. I have recently become involved with several great small business owners and entrepreneurs. I thought I might share some of their information here.

I met Cheri Britton when I answered a Craigslist ad for a part time marketing project. Since that time I've had the pleasure of working with her on a social media plan for her website. We're just starting to put that plan into action so it may be a while before we see the returns, but I am very happy with where we're starting. Cheri is a motivational speaker and business coach and I can see why people hire her - she is great at what she does. It is great to get connected to the Asheville business community through someone so dynamic and fun. Because of Cheri, I was introduced to Marianne Kilkenny who is the founder of Women for Living in Community. Her site, and mission, is about connecting women interested in building …