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The State of the Me

I thought I might share a little about my most recent projects.

Just over a year ago, I started blogging with Alex Pino over at Tiny House Talk. At the time all of our interaction was over email and the occasional phone call but we have since met in person. I really enjoy writing about the tiny house community for THT. I typically have new posts published on Mondays or Tuesdays.
Last year I also started writing for The NotMom. We are a website dedicated to providing a voice for childfree women, whether by choice or by chance, on the internet. I have really enjoyed sharing my own story, talking with other childfree bloggers, and developing a relationship with women all over the country.

Later in the year I picked up another tiny house blog. This time for the popular site Tiny House Listings. The site is primarily a real estate listing site but myself and another blogger provide the voice of real tiny house builders and dwellers for people to learn through our experience.

Because of the…