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On Speaking Engagements

This poor, neglected blog. I has been nearly two months since I last posted so I thought I would at least give you a bit of an update on the state of the me.

March brought a new adventure to my freelance career: podcasting. I am absolutely in love with the medium. I don't possess the training or credentials for a career in radio. With the access to self-record shows like the r(E)vo Convo I can have all the satisfaction of my own radio show without having to be awake and at my job at 6am.

Now I am pleased to share that I have added a third component to my freelance experience: speaking engagements.

We have done casual presentations on living in our tiny house in the past but we are trying to take that to the next level. On Monday, April 22, Matt and I were featured speakers at the University of South Carolina Upstate for Earth Day. We talked about living in our tiny house off the grid. I think it went quite well.

Tomorrow, we head to Wilmington North Carolina for what is turning out to be the largest gathering of tiny house bloggers and builders ever assembled. Derek "Deek" Diedricksen of Relax Shacks and Steven Harrell of Tiny House Listings are hosting a hands-on workshop for 25 attendees and I think about 10 tiny house personalities. Matt and I will be speaking there as well.

Right now speaking, like podcasting, is limited to the Tiny House movement but I'm okay with that. If you're interested in hiring a speaker to talk about simple living, downsizing, off the grid systems and tiny spaces check out our information at Life in 120 Square Feet.


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