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My First Book

I have been writing my whole life so when you really look at it all total I've probably written several books. I once wrote a 350 page hand written vampire novel. It was bad. It was really really bad. I don't have it any more but a sentimental part of me wishes I still did.

I have just finished my first book. As I mentioned, I was using the mass world-wide energy surge that is National Novel Writing Month to propel me toward my goal even though I was writing a non-fiction book that even at its most robust would have about 25,000 words total.

It is done. I have 120 ideas all typed out and ready for editing. I want to leave it be for a little bit so I am not so close to it when I try to make sense out of it. A second draft edit is the next step of the process. I also need to figure out the photos - some ideas are things that I've already taken photos of for our own house. Other ideas are new and will need different photos all together.

Then there will be a third draft.

I already have some marketing ideas so stay tuned for those. Most of the promotion for this book will be over at my other blog, Life at 120 Square Feet, but I think the entire process is important to document here as a writer.You can already check out some of new products at our store.

I really appreciate you coming along on this adventure. Expect it to be available in the spring of 2013.


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