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60+ Comments!

As a writer it is always rewarding to know that people are reading your work. When you publish online sometimes your work can be read but you may never see the results. Occasionally, something you've written inspires conversation. One recent post on Tiny House Talk currently has over 60 comments and quite a spirited conversation. It is really good to see that people respond to something you've said.

What is the permanence of the tiny house living? Do people move into tiny spaces and live there for the rest of their lives? Since the movement is still rather young I imagine that we have not yet reached that moment of maturity when first generation of tiny dwellers begin to consider their next move. I was certain that stories had to be out there of people who made the decision to leave tiny behind so I searched and found three tiny house builders who made the decision to move. Check it out over at Tiny House Talk and become part of the conversation.

Blogging for

I've just begun blogging for a new website called - Tech Devices and Tech Advice. You can check out some of my new posts there now.

I have one on MMOs vs. RPGs:

So, in my most unscientific analysis of whether or not an MMO or an RPG is better, the answer can be summed up in just two words. It depends. It boils down to a preference for stories that end or stories that are open. In either case, gamers are serious about whatever they are playing. And an anticipation of the MMO Track at Dragon*Con.

Now that another Comic-Con is in the history books, geeks all over the country are beginning to look toward the south and the Labor Day adventure in Atlanta Georgia known as Dragon*Con.

Dragon*Con is notably different from Comic-Con which is an industry run event. Dragon*Con, on the other claw, is a fan run event mostly driven by volunteers. Atlanta has seen upwards of 40,000 geeks in the 5 hotels downtown where the convention is held.