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Featured at the Tumbleweed Tiny House blog

This morning I received the following in the emailed newsletter from the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.

Looking for information to help you with your tiny house dreams? Why not take a look at our blog. We've posted some really helpful content over there that you may have missed. Everything from how to add a water system to your Tumbleweed to tips on getting around local building codes and zoning laws.
We recruited some of the best minds in the small house movement to guest blog for us. This talented group of people have contributed some really helpful tips from their personal builds. You may have already bookmarked our site but be sure to bookmark our blog too. We have more goodies in store for you.

This introduction was followed by a list of 5 guest posts by some fantastic bloggers including Alex at Tiny House Talk and Kent from the Tiny House Blog. In the middle was a link to this post. I am delighted to keep such great company.


  1. Your Tiny House is one that LOTS of people will find just adorable and so cool. Way to go. Ya'll are awesome. Keep up the good work!!


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