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Article from OregonLive

A couple of months ago the home and garden editor of OregonLive sent me an email asking if I would share some photos of our tiny house. Having no problem with that I sent the photos on and didn't think anything about it.

Today, while looking at my stats over at Living in 120 Square Feet I discovered a very nice article published yesterday at the OregonLive website.

LaVoie, who lives in a mountainous area of North Carolina,  describes herself on her website as a writer, brewer and adventurer. She writes on her blog, Life in 120 Square Feet, about daily life in her home -- such as the chores it requires. Although you'd think a small space would require less cleaning, it's also more likely to show the dirt tracked in, so her place, in its rustic setting, has to be swept several times a day. Granted, this doesn't take long.
I encourage you to read the entire article at OregonLive. 


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