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Other Websites I Recommend 2

I thought I might offer up a few more websites that I read to stimulate my own creativity. Today I have a couple of humor blogs, an adventure blog, and some amazing photographs to share. I hope you enjoy them.

If you are not reading The Bloggess I have no idea where you've been. Jenny Lawson's blog is witty and sharp and not for young children or people sensitive to foul language. I find her to be one of the funniest people on the Internet and I think you should go read everything right now. While you're at it read her book Let's Pretend This Never Happened as well. I'll wait. Also ridiculously humorous is Josh Fruhlinger's The Comics Curmudgeon. This has been a can't miss website for me for years. I usually read about once a week so I can sit back and enjoy it. Fruhlinger is currently working on a Kickstarter Campaign to fund a novel that is sure to be hilarious. A guy I kind of know named Drew Jacob is currently riding a bike from Minnesota to Brazil. He j…

Featured at the Tumbleweed Tiny House blog

This morning I received the following in the emailed newsletter from the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.

Looking for information to help you with your tiny house dreams? Why not take a look at our blog. We've posted some really helpful content over there that you may have missed. Everything from how to add a water system to your Tumbleweed to tips on getting around local building codes and zoning laws.
We recruited some of the best minds in the small house movement to guest blog for us. This talented group of people have contributed some really helpful tips from their personal builds. You may have already bookmarked our site but be sure to bookmark our blog too. We have more goodies in store for you.
This introduction was followed by a list of 5 guest posts by some fantastic bloggers including Alex at Tiny House Talk and Kent from the Tiny House Blog. In the middle was a link to this post. I am delighted to keep such great company.

Camping? What?

Occasionally, for a change of pace, I like to write humorous bits. Here is a post I wrote about camping. If you read this you might think I dislike camping, but you would be wrong.

Article from OregonLive

A couple of months ago the home and garden editor of OregonLive sent me an email asking if I would share some photos of our tiny house. Having no problem with that I sent the photos on and didn't think anything about it.

Today, while looking at my stats over at Living in 120 Square Feet I discovered a very nice article published yesterday at the OregonLive website.

LaVoie, who lives in a mountainous area of North Carolina,  describes herself on her website as a writer, brewer and adventurer. She writes on her blog, Life in 120 Square Feet, about daily life in her home -- such as the chores it requires. Although you'd think a small space would require less cleaning, it's also more likely to show the dirt tracked in, so her place, in its rustic setting, has to be swept several times a day. Granted, this doesn't take long. I encourage you to read the entire article at OregonLive.