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HR and Staffing Related Posts

I have several clients for whom I write HR and Staffing related content. Occasionally something goes unpublished for one reason or another. I thought I would share one of those posts. 

6 Skills to look for when recruiting new employees
Several years ago, before the recession began, companies would look for talent who possessed the right skills to fit into their organization. The specific job duties were not as important as the potential to be trained to be an exceptional team member. Once we started to emerge from the recession the trend started to head the other direction as companies were seeking candidates who possessed the exact combination of skills a laid out in the job description. Occasionally this would lead to fruitless searches that left recruiters and job seekers frustrated. There are several skills that will make an employee stand out from the crowd. Here are 6 things you can recruit for to encourage success
Flexibility. The right candidate will be able to roll with the pun…

The Brewer (Short Fiction)

I entered this in a short story contest back at the holidays and won. 

The Brewer
by Laura M. LaVoie

The place was buzzing with energy. Most of it was good energy; celebratory actually. The Holiday season was in full swing and people came to this place to have a good time.  That was why the new energy cut through her like a knife when the door opened letting the cool December air into the bar.  She looked up from the bar top she was swiping with a white cloth to see the man cross the room directly to the stool in front of her.

He was the intellectual type. The kind that used “Nerdy” as an ironic fashion statement with a stripey sweater and black plastic fashion glasses.  The negativity dripped off of him.  She didn’t usually tend bar, but it was a nice night for it and they had plenty of staff so she found herself chatting it up with some of the locals and regulars. But this season, there were always the guys like this. She knew it immediately. In town, visiting family bu…

A couple more places you can find me on the web.

I have some great new blogging jobs that I am very excited about. One is with the British beer seller Beer and Now who discovered me by Googling their own name and finding my beer blog. The project has been in the works since the beginning of 2012 and my first post has finally gone live. (They've even Anglicized my spellings!)

It wasn’t that long ago that I abhorred the flavour of hops. I avoided pale ales and American IPAs as though they were poison. The bitter taste didn’t just make me cringe, it made me gag. I have heard before, though I don’t remember where, that women don’t like bitter things because we evolved to detect poisoned or spoiled foods. Whether or not it was true, I used it as a convenient excuse to ignore an entire segment of beer.  “I’m a woman, and we don’t like hops.” Also, I am really enjoying the blogging I am doing for Tiny House Talk. Check it weekly or so to see a new post from me. Here is my latest

I would consider myself an advocate for the tiny…