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Interview on

Blogger Te-Erika Patterson recently featured an interview with me on her blog, My Savvy Sisters.  You can read the post here.

“I was originally just writing updates on my LiveJournal for myself and I had no idea anyone was reading it,” says Laura. "Eventually, people started to contact me about our build. A tiny house blogger in Charlotte was the first to feature our house on his website and I realized that maybe more people would be interested. I had no idea how big the tiny house movement was going to get.”

Winter, a Poem

I wrote this poem in college sometime around 1995. My college poetry class project was to write something about our childhood. This poem was the result.  It is written about, and for, my grandmother. When I was 7 years old, in 1982, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. At the time it was not a common diagnosis. She passed away about 8 years later. I will never forget how those years affected me.

I remembered this poem the other day when I read this post by fellow writer and blogger Ann Marquette. Thank you for inspiring me to share it. 


My cheeks burned as tears froze,
I huddled deep in my snowsuit shell.
The winter hardly comforted then.
She was sick,
I didn't understand.
The sickness had a name,
but I couldn't pronounce it.
They said it was the forgetting disease.
No wonder she couldn't remember my name.
She was my only Grandma.
She wasn't allowed to be sick.

So I left. The house frightened me.
The snow seemed safe,
But everything just …