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What Will I Do in 2018?

Fiction: The Flower Shop

This is a seasonal story for the beginning of fall. I originally wrote it in the fall of 2010. I love taking mythology and turning it on it's head. Enjoy.

The little bell on the front door signaled a grand entrance. I wondered who it would be this time – was it a man who didn’t take out the trash? Maybe it was someone with an anniversary? Perhaps a temporary staffing company getting flowers for a recent hire. There was very little variety in the stories.

I stopped the arrangement of roses I was working on for delivery and wiped my hands on the purple towel that was tossed on my work station. I straightened my hair and walked to the front of the store.

It was a tall, older man. He was dressed in a charcoal gray business suit with a light gray striped tie. His hair was salt and pepper gray, and even his eyes were gray. He smiled when he saw me.

“How can I help you,” I said.

His smile beamed. I wondered what he did for a living. Maybe a banker. Maybe a CEO. “I need some fl…

Creative Content: What Should You Focus on for Your Website?

There is a lot of information about what businesses should or should not include on their websites. Having a blog is encouraged, but how do you optimize it? Keywords and tags are important, but not if they're part of an incoherent word salad.

As a writer, my goal is to create content for your business that is readable, educational, entertaining, and fits your overall personality and style. 

My earliest lesson with this was for one of my first clients after I started writing full time. I was asked to write a variety of small "vignette" type pages for a wrought iron company. I had to write a lot of them, using specific keywords. I knew if I just wrote the same basic stuff over and over again, it wouldn't attract readers back to their site. And it probably wouldn't convert them to customers.

So, I got creative. But not too creative. I got just creative enough. Here are some examples where the requirement was to work in certain keywords.
Balusters in Buckingham Palac…