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Fiction: The Flower Shop

This is a seasonal story for the beginning of fall. I originally wrote it in the fall of 2010. I love taking mythology and turning it on it's head. Enjoy.

The little bell on the front door signaled a grand entrance. I wondered who it would be this time – was it a man who didn’t take out the trash? Maybe it was someone with an anniversary? Perhaps a temporary staffing company getting flowers for a recent hire. There was very little variety in the stories.

I stopped the arrangement of roses I was working on for delivery and wiped my hands on the purple towel that was tossed on my work station. I straightened my hair and walked to the front of the store.

It was a tall, older man. He was dressed in a charcoal gray business suit with a light gray striped tie. His hair was salt and pepper gray, and even his eyes were gray. He smiled when he saw me.

“How can I help you,” I said.

His smile beamed. I wondered what he did for a living. Maybe a banker. Maybe a CEO. “I need some fl…